Delivering solutions that get us closer to our Customers drives us. What drives you?

From coast to coast, Americans love the freedom of the open road. It’s a passion we share at AutoNation. We’re proud to have sold and serviced over 12 million vehicles while donating over $35 million to national and local charities. Join us as we pave the way to move our company, our communities and our industry forward.

AutoNation Technology Professionals receive many incentives:

  • Innovation-oriented environment
  • Collaborative atmosphere
  • Opportunity to learn new technologies and develop new skills
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  • Opportunity to work on impactful projects and effect change
  • A commitment to our employees’ safety and comfort
  • Comprehensive benefits package
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Information Security

Our vision is to identify, understand, and manage information security risks to an acceptable level across the AutoNation Enterprise to ensure the business can make optimal decisions for success. We develop and measure information security standards while enabling business autonomy and agility. We deliver value through identification of threats, assessment of risk, expert consulting, and providing foundational security services to prevent, detect, and respond to disruptions.


Technology Operations

AutoNation Technology Operations is made up of 8 unique teams serving the technology and support requirements of our Customers and Associates. Our teams support the business with a variety of solutions including Data Management, DevOps, Property Solutions, Network Services, Project Management, Systems Engineering, Technical Operations/Support, and Technology M&A/Special Projects.


Application Development

AutoNation Software Engineers leverage a wide range of technologies to help drive AutoNation’s continued success. Our solutions are critical to daily operations and enable our Associates to deliver superior Customer experiences in store and across our digital platforms. As a Software Engineer at AutoNation, you will leverage a variety of programming languages and the latest in mobile, cloud and big data technologies to deliver solutions that impact every aspect of our business.

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